On the Issues

I knew that I had to get involved in this race. I could no longer look into the eyes of my children and make excuses for what was happening, I had to make a difference. I am running for state representative to make sure we’re leaving a better North Carolina for our children.

We are at a critical time in history, both here in North Carolina and throughout our great nation. Thank you for your attention during this important election season.


Election Integrity

  • Election integrity affects every voting citizen in our county. If our elections are not safe and secure, then it’s very likely that our conservative solutions will never see the light of day.
  • Currently, (and as long as Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get her way) states handle their own elections, so our fight for fair elections is in Raleigh. We have to make sure that North Carolinians can trust the process and feel confident in our elected officials.


Economy & Business Partnerships

  • It is definitely important for NC to remain competitive while attracting job opportunities. We have reasonable corporate tax rates, compared to other states. We also have great weather that attracts workers for companies, and our university system is top notch.
  • We are very fortunate as a state to have such tremendous draw and I know we are in a good position for future growth.


Conservative Values

  • I am 100% pro-life and will support life-saving legislation in Raleigh.
  • I am also a fierce defender of the 2nd Amendment right to gun ownership and I will always support legislation that honors our freedoms and rights.



  • Today in our schools, we are educating the future of our state and country. It is paramount that we support them in the ways they deserve.
  • We are ultimately failing our students if we force out graduates with less-developed critical thinking skills because they’ve had to spend so much time on nonsense like critical race theory. There should be consequences for teaching what amounts to blatant racism in our school system.
  • While it is important that NC schools produce citizens who understand their country’s history – warts and all – it is essential that we produce citizens who are well-educated and prepared to be good citizens.
  • There has to be reward for teachers that actually teach, and consequences for teachers that don’t. It is our job to make sure the school environment is one of order and discipline so that our teachers are able to do what God has called them to do.


Government Overreach

  • We cannot have a governor that has unending emergency powers.
  • Every citizen in Gaston County was affected these last 2 years by the never-ending emergency power that Governor Cooper held over our state. 
  • Any emergency power has to be VERY limited. If an emergency arises and a temporary power needs to be granted for a few days until the general assembly can convene, that I can understand. But anything lasting more than seven days needs to be put to a vote. We cannot allow one person to control and destroy our hard-earned businesses and livelihoods like this ever again.



  • Safety and crime are a huge aspect of economic stability and community wellness.
  • We must protect our law enforcement officers from harm and encourage more thoughtful solutions to the big issues we face.
  • Human trafficking is one such big issue in North Carolina. We must educate our young ones while developing better ways to identify and report a suspected case of human trafficking.